Hello, I’m Rebecca. I’m excited that you’re stopping by to check out my blog. A little bit about myself: I have degrees in theology, both at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. I also completed one year of Ph.D. studies in systematic theology but am now giving myself a break from so much study.

I love many things like reading the classics, watching Canadian TV, the Foodnetwork, BBC historical dramas, listening to many artists in the big ol’ world of pop (which doesn’t say much about who I like!), eating foods from around the world, cooking, baking, and making myself aware of social justice issues.

I use this blog to write on any number of topics: anything really that comes to my mind that week, day, or moment.

I am a freelance editor and copywriter. The link to my website can be found here: http://editingservices.wix.com/thepoisedpen. Enjoy reading my blog! 🙂


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