Counselling Biblically

I think it is so crucial that those who study psychology and counselling should remember that they are studying human beings, made in the image of the-all-complex God of the universe. 

Therefore human beings are complex themselves and can only be categorized and labelled so much before they stump their examiner. Just when a psychologist thinks she has figured out another human being, she is left in the dark by some unexplained behaviour.

However, Christian counsellors or psychologists have the capacity to not be thrown off by this. Instead, they can recognise that although their thoughts and ideas will always be changing and evolving, they still have a solid foundation. Why? Because their psychology will be based upon Scripture and thus they will understand the essence of what it means to be human. They will start with God first and build upon His unshakeable foundation theories and concepts to help encourage other human beings to discover their own uniqueness (individual) and yet their likeness (community) to the rest of humanity.

As if any of us – intricate human creatures that we are – could be easily categorized, compartmentalized, and comprehended.

Christian counsellors and psychologists can also believe tenaciously in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to work in a person’s life – to change that which was ugly in one’s personality to that which is beautiful, to change that which was selfish to that which is gracious and life-giving.

They can counsel out of the understanding that no one person is “stuck.” There is more to a one’s life than “But this is just how [or who] I am.”  There is a God-given ability to move beyond one’s insecure self, to escape from the entrapment of letting his own personal struggles and difficult circumstances dictate who he is, to realize his full potential in light of the all-powerful God that made him. And thus give credence where it is due – to God Himself.


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