Alive to Spring

Charming earth of old.

Have you not a sad and weary step?

Have you not a drooping head upon your breast?

Stand erect yon orb of splendour.

Quicken your step, throw back your head, and gaze about.


Has one bewitched you?

Has one played upon your thoughts?

Has one charmed you into oblivion and sunk you into the depths of despair?

Awaken your passion! Let it live. Yet again.

See desire and clutch it! Grasp it and do not let it go.


Breathe again your Spring air.

Sniff heartily the ground between your toes.

Stretch invigoratingly and move with ease.

Wipe the grime clean from your face.

Bathe in the hope found in the newness of life.


Charming earth of old.

Can you not see it?

Can you not know it?

Life is in your flesh. Life is in your bones. Life is your sinews. Life!

Let it spring forth from you and abound.


May all that you touch invoke a sense of shivery delight.

May all that you touch be a touch of love, of life, of beauty.

Charming earth of old.