Frugal Fashion (Part One)

I have had numerous discussions with women and men regarding fashion and the fashion industry. Because it has become a hot topic for me and I really enjoy talking about it, I have even considered writing a fashion blog to express my thoughts on the matter. Nevertheless, at the moment, I wish to write a few blog entries on the subject and see how it goes.

When I mention fashion, many people assume that I read the latest fashion magazines and pay attention to supposed popular fashion experts and media personnel’s articles found there. Far from it. I find many of those magazines to be almost useless. You will rarely find, if ever, those same outfits in the average mall store. Moreover, the price tag on most are simply outrageous. Thus, those who design and produce clothes for the public have to make the outfits less bizarre-looking and find means to make them practical, sensible, and attractive to the general public, while still dictating to the “masses” what they should and should not wear.

Obviously so, there is fashion considered to be trendy, the latest styles, what those who are “in the know” wear: the people you would find in such fashion-forward cities as Toronto, the one where I currently reside. Then there is fashion that isn’t quite up-to-date, that is often appealing to the majority of the public. As the trend-setters prance, strut, saunter around in the latest outfits, the rest of us are left uncomfortably behind, and hence don’t flaunt the latest colours, patterns, and pieces that are “in.” Eventually we do catch on but suddenly discover that fashion has moved forward, while we yet flounder awkwardly and painfully a few steps behind.

Hence, some of us dislike the subject of fashion altogether and wish to remain where we are in our baggy pair of jogging pants; the shirt that doesn’t really fit, but we like it anyway; that ratty sweater that desperately needs to be retired; our daily outfit of the same type of jeans and T-shirt; or God forbid, that same wardrobe consisting of one “colour”–black. Yikes! We’d rather continue wearing that then have to drag ourselves to the mall or shopping plaza to look for a new outfit.

On the other hand, there are those of us who enthusiastically embrace fashion and enjoy clothes shopping. We could wear the T-shirt that says, “I got an A+ in Shopping,” and shop until we drop. However, we just can’t quite seem to keep up with all the fashion changes, and if we’re honest with ourselves, don’t quite have enough money to do it. Thus, we too are dissatisfied and discontent with attempting to be fashion-forward.

Hence, my first piece of advice is that no matter what the fashion industry demands that we wear, we can recognise that what it offers are options for what can make us look and feel good. We don’t have to be into the latest trends, but nor do we have to remain stuck in frumpy clothes or colourless outfits because we don’t like the latest fashions. And if we do embrace the latest trends, we don’t have to have them all nor immediately either. Thus, my goal in the next entries on fashion are to offer tips on how to dress fashionably, prettily, handsomely, and frugally. Yes, I said frugally. We don’t need to spend as much as we often do on new outfits. It requires a bit of creativity and work, but it is well-worth the time and effort for feeling good.    



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